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Artist Management ContractAn artist management contract is a written agreement between a manager and an artist or a group of artists in order to make sure that the cooperation will work well in the future or at least to make sure that any problems during the cooperation can be easily solved by referring to the contract. Absolutely, this written agreement is a good solution for the problems that may occur by verbal agreement. Though there can be some people as the witness of the verbal agreement, there is still many possibilities that whenever such a problem happens, scenarios of “She said and He said” can be arranged for the sake of winning the conflict.

The benefits of an artist management contract
• Giving the detail information about the expectations of both the artist and the manager so that it can prevent any possible conflict in the future.
• Explaining the duties that should be performed by the manager so that the cooperation can work well.
• Creating such a comfortable working situation between the manager and the artist.

The things to be Included in an artist management contract
• The name and the address of the two parties, the manager and the artist, that are involved in the artist management contract.
• The expectations from the two parties, which are related to the duties, responsibilities, and the compensation caused by the cooperation.
• The amount of the money that is going to be paid by the artist to the manager because of handling the management duties of the artist.
• The detail information on how the payment of the manager’s commission will be paid, including the time of the payment and the way to pay it whether it is cash or transferred.
• The right that is given to the manager especially related to the possibility of making agreement with other parties on behalf of the artist’ name.
• The way of the manager and the artist will communicate.

What should the Manager and the Artist do before signing the agreement?
• Brainstorming their expectations from the cooperation and from the agreement.
• Discussing the expectations so that it can be written out in the agreement.
• Consulting the agreement draft to an attorney in order to get clear understanding about the things stated in the written agreement. It is because of the fact that some sentences in an agreement can lead to wrong interpretation or confusion. An attorney understands well how sentences interpret and how to put the expected meaning into the right agreement sentences.

Need a sample? Below is one sample you can download and learn before creating your own.

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