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Consulting Contract Template for WordConsulting contract template is needed by any consultants before he or she is providing the service for the client. It is necessary to make a consulting contract before the consultant is performing any service or any work for the client. It is because the contract will clearly describes the scope of work the consultant is going to perform. In the contract, there will be an explanation about the compensation or the fee that is going to be paid by the client to the consultant. Below is more information about it and the example of a simple consulting contract template.

What should be Written in a Consulting Contract?

As stated before, the contract will have to write down about the information of both the consultant and the client. The contract will have to explain about the description of the consulting service. It will include the service that will be given by the consultant to the client. It is important to make the consulting service clear in order to give clear direction for both the client and the consultant about what the consultant should and should not provide to the client and what the client should and should not receive from the consultant. In a consulting contract, it is also incredibly necessary to write down clearly about the payment or the consulting fee. It needs to be clearly written the exact amount of money of the total compensation of providing consulting services. Usually, the payment will be divided into two times of payment. The first time is before the consulting services begin and the second time is when the consulting services is completed. In some consulting contract template, it is also written the legal protection for the consultant and the client as well related to their working relationship. However, it is not that necessary compared to the background and the payment part.

Below is one sample of consulting contract template you can use as your reference.

  Consulting Contract Template (131.5 KiB, 299 hits)

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