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Employment Agreement TemplateAn employment agreement is such an important document for your business. It helps you to coagulate your association with your employees and ensure they agree on working hours, salary, and benefits of working in your company. Off the record information also included within the employment agreement.

Once your employees has submitted an application letter, faced the interviews, the last part you should take is make everything become official by having them signing an employment agreement. What’s in the agreement will be explained before your employees sign it. Inside the employment agreement is like job duties, salary and benefits. Make sure you have put it all in writing form so both you and your employees will find out what to expect.

An employment agreement should contain about your company basic information. It also includes names and addresses either yours or your employees’ information. It obviously includes kinds of roles your employees have. The roles is generally filled with specific purposes for your new startup employees. You might offer a health insurance or you might you hire your employees for certain duration.

You should consider these following requirements you will include in your employment agreement:

1. Benefits
It contain amounts of benefits you will offer to your employees. It could be health insurance, or could be special benefits like once a year vacation.

2. Wages
It is the most important thing you should include in your employment agreement. make sure you have considered about how your employees will get paid. Generally, there are few types of employees payment like salary (paid weekly or monthly), wage (paid daily or hourly), or commission (generally for sales men or sales girls). You allow to combine those types of payment on your own.

3. Non-Compete
Usually, some company include non-compete clause in their employment agreement for sake of profit. If it is signed, when your employees have improvement career, they won’t be allowed to work at direct competitors companies. It is used to be work professionalism. Typically, the non-compete clause is noted a period of time, like one year or more.

4. Confidentiality
The confidential information is needed to include in your employment agreement. Make sure you have kept your urgent off the record information like trade secret, future strategy, inventions, etc. you should note down the penalties if your employees reveal this information.

5. Social Media
If you plan to make your employees manage your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and others, you should note it in your employment agreement template. It will help you to affirm rights on follows, likes and many more as social media work results.

Below is a sample of an employment agreement template from hrcouncil.ca that contains common clauses for employee who work on general company. You may see it to understand about its idea, but we urge you to consult with your company’s lawyer if you want to create your own template that might protect your company’s interests in more complete clauses.

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