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Freelance Agreement Template for WordIf you are a professional and want to take freelance business to the next level, you will obviously need a freelance contract template for larger project you will get. Usually, a freelance contract is in written form. many freelancers and clients will be prefer to work with written contract that emphasize the projects terms. It helps to avoid miscommunication before starting the projects. moreover, it helps to define each parties’ responsibilities due to confidentiality, project payments, project deliverables and many more.

A freelance contract generally outlines the agreement between you as a freelancer and the client. It ensures the scope of work, rate, schedule and also timeline. You will need to use a freelance contract template if:
1. You are a freelance who  want to get involved in a project.
2. You are a freelance who have been contracted by a business or individual.
3. You want to have a legal agreement to your freelance profession.

After creating a freelance contract, your client will consider to work with you in the next level project.  That’s all because this contract template emphasizes your professionalism upon an agreement. thus, you will be fully trusted to do your client’s important projects somehow. It is important for you to create a professional icon to help your freelance business improved rapidly and make a strong connection to your clients.

What Does The Freelance Contract Do For You?
Creating a freelance contract will be very profitable for you as a freelancer and for your client. It will give you clear explanation about mechanism while you work on the projects your clients provide. The freelance contract helps to:
1. Provide lawful protection between freelancer and the clients.
2. Assist to clarify both parties can suppose, deadline, and scope of work.
3. Show your professionalism to the clients, and ensure them that everything happens between both of you is safe and off the record.
4. States that you have professionalism in running a business since you are not the client’s employee.
5. Protect you from any scope of work changes which will influence the project and it’s approved ahead a compensation.

Components Of Freelance Contract
Generally a freelance contract consist of some essential components.these components are usually affect the content of the freelance contract.  Typically, components of a freelance contract template are:
1. Work Statement. It includes the deadline, schedule, and criteria of customer’s acceptance
2. Work Ownership
3. Payment Terms. It includes fees you will be paid, how it will be paid and other issues.
4. Confidentiality
5. Independent contractor relationship
6. Warranties

If you are looking a template to start creating your own, you can download this Freelance Contract template below. You can add as many as detail information that are not describe in points above, to make sure that you are protected when disputes arises.

  Freelance Contract Template (16.1 KiB, 376 hits)

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