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Lease Agreement Sample for WordLease agreement is an agreement or form that contains the agreement between the landlord and tenant. Or at least this document is proof that they are in the middle of negotiations about the tenant who will rent the property from the land owner. This document usually contains details of the owner of the land, property information, and complete profile of tenants. Besides known as the lease agreement, this document is also known as a rental lease agreement, rental contract, tenancy agreement, and the lease form. Even though they have different names, but all the documents have the same function.

This document usually includes a few things related to the lease as well as the duties and obligations of property owners and tenants. In this document you will find some of the following things such as terms and conditions related with the enactment of a contract (fixed or periodic), leasing costs and how many times the property had been rented earlier, the possibility that the rental price may change at any time, general rules that can be done in the property as smoking rules, rules bring animals, permitting to establish a business in a rented property, and so forth. There are additional costs that must be paid tenants when there is damage, fines imposed for late payment of rent, the excessive use of appliances. Then all of those rules have to follow by the tenant if he or she agreed to rent it.

Lease Agreement can be used for…
This document can be used for leasing business of any property such as an apartment, a mobile home, basement suites, townhouses, any living space, home, condo, duplex, rooms, and rent-to-own-option. Then if you share a house or a room with a friend, you can also use this document in order to keep the rights and responsibilities of each user are clear.

As we discussed at the earlier paragraph, this document can be used for all matters of the lease and it is very useful for: property owners who need tenants to rent their properties, tenants who are looking for a place that can be rented, the owner of the property and all parties related with business of leasing, and so forth. Basically, if you are holding a negotiation with other party, in order to keep the negotiation do not be casted to any other party, you should use this document. The template below is a sample document you can use as your reference. Please consult to your legal people if you want to create one that can cover all of your interests.

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