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Maintenance Contract TemplateMaintenance contract is a written agreement that contains detail explanation related to the maintenance duties and responsibilities so that both the owner and the maintenance contractor have the same understanding about the maintenance job. This contract is usually made by the equipment manufacturer or the building contractor in order to arrange everything related to the maintenance of the equipment or the building. However, a maintenance contract can be used by different parties such as healthcare industries, IT, computer, and many more.

Who will get benefits from a Maintenance contract?
• The owner of the building or equipment to get the maintenance service
• A maintenance contractor that is hired by the owner to handle the maintenance job.

The Benefits of a Maintenance contract for a home or building owner
• Giving a peaceful of mind because the contract explains the entire maintenance job that he requires to be performed by a maintenance contractor.
• Enabling him to make sure how much money will be spent for the maintenance job because everything is stated in the contract.

The Benefits of a Maintenance contract for an organization or a company
• Relieving the stress of the mechanical and engineering department of a company because they can be sure that the maintenance job will be handled properly as stated in the contract.
• Enabling cost-saving because the company will not spend too much of its workers’ time and energy for doing the maintenance job.
• Creating flexibility for the company to use the services offered by other maintenance companies by considering the best one that can give qualified service at reasonable cost.
• Giving the company a chance to review the costs spent for the maintenance job so that it can reschedule the frequency of doing the maintenance job for the sake of lowering the cost.
• Enabling the company to make a forecast related to the costs for handling the maintenance job.

What information should be included in a maintenance contract?
• The name and the addresses of the two parties involved in the maintenance contract.
• The coverage of the maintenance services that are expected to be performed right after the contract is signed.
• The timeline or the period of the contract, when it is started and ended.
• The costs to be paid by the person who uses the maintenance job to the maintenance contractor.
• Any requirements to be performed by both the person who uses the maintenance services and the one who provides it.

Below is a computer related maintenance contract you can use as your reference to create your own. It is recommended to ask your company legal advisor to create an official one that could fully protect all of your interests.

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