Service Level Agreement

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A Service Level Agreement is actually part of a service agreement or a service contract in which a form of service is legally defined. It help you a lot when you have to cooperate with any company which provides you any service or when you run a business which provides service to your customer. The Service Level Agreement can be a legal document to prevent your and your customers’ right.

Service Level Agreement Template for Word

You are likely to need a Service Level Agreement if you are under the following condition;
> You are going to run a business which provides services to the customer
> You, both as an individual and a company, are going to cooperate with particular person and/ or company to get service
The service has particular aspect and service scope, the level, such as quality, responsibilities between the service user and the provider. In this case each aspect has its agreement, that is why it is called a Service Level Agreement.

What does a Service Level Agreement cover?

A Service Level Agreement commonly covers the detail service of the service your company will be providing either for a business or individual. It is also the same if you are the individual or the company who are going to get some service from particular company. TheService Level Agreement has also to include the obligation of the company who provides the service and the customer and their each right, including in the even of unexpected event solution.

How about a Service Level Agreement Template?

The template should begin the title like “Service Agreement”. And then it is followed the contract of the service between the company who provide the business and the customer. In this section, the name of the company, the customer, and the service have to be stated clearly. In the next section will be the description of the service and it is followed by the payment agreement. In the next section, the Service Level Agreement generally will define the term and the condition of the service and the obligation of the customer and the provider company on the even of service providing.

A Service Level Agreement is important because it will act as a legal document with legal and clear statement related to the service. Therefore, a Service Level Agreement is important to maintain each individual both the provider company and the customer.

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