Wedding Planner Contract Template

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Wedding Planner Contract TemplateA wedding planner contract is crucial for a wedding event. Without having a contract signed, the wedding planner cannot start doing the jobs needed to plan the wedding party. It will also only see the couple as a potential client, not a client to be served. A wedding planner contract is a written agreement made by the wedding planner and the couple of bride and groom wanna be which explains the detail information related to the expected wedding planning jobs and the jobs to do on the wedding day.  In order to get the best contract, it is always wise to spend sufficient time learning the existing examples of wedding planner contracts.

Some important Things to be written out in the Contract
• The date when the contract is written out
• The date when the wedding will be held.
• The complete name of the bride and the groom, who will use the services
• The contact information of the bride and the groom. It should be written out in detail including the complete address, the telephone number, and the email address.
• The detail information related to the role of the wedding planner and the things that are not allowed to do by the wedding EO
• The compensation that will be gained by the wedding planner because of doing the job. It includes the total amount of the commission or fees, the payment procedure, and the date of the payment.
• The detail information about the job that the wedding planner must do.
• The terms and conditions
• The detail information related to the possibility of changing the policy or making any cancellation to the agreement.
• The signature of the two parties that is followed by their name.

The important things to do before signing the contract
• Reading the contract patiently in order to find any sentences that are confusing or giving potency of causing loss.
• Visiting an attorney in order to get a review about the contract. It is because of the fact that certain sentences may cause bias interpretations among people. An attorney knows better about how to put things on the most effective agreement sentences. Also, he will be able to see which policy should be omitted in order to prevent any loss and to protect the wedding EO and the clients.
• Discussing certain things including the fact that there are other parties will be involved in the wedding plan such as the catering and florists, which have different policy and contract too.

As informed above, this sample below is one of existing wedding planner contract you can use as your reference.

  Wedding Planner Contract Template (47.0 KiB, 2,673 hits)

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