Boat Bill of Sale

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Boat Bill of Sale Template WordAre you going to sell your boat? Since it can be a precious asset and have a big value, you probably need to keep a record of this sale. It is to anticipate the misunderstanding about the ownership change. It is not about writing down a note. You can make it look more professional and countable by using a bill of sale form.

Boat bill of sale is the statement that there is a legal sale of a boat that you own to a buyer. There, you will also need to mention the specifications of the sold item. It includes the year and model. Do not forget with the boat identification number. With this bill of sale, you have stated that you certify the trade made between you as the seller and someone else as the buyer. You also make the statement for the accuracy of this transaction. There will be also spaces where the seller and buyer have to fill up their identity on the bottom of the bill. Therefore, if there will be any problem in the future, you just need to show it.

Even though making that kind of transaction record looks so simple, it is also necessary for you to learn about the legal regulation related to this sale. Below is a boat bill of sale template you can use as your reference. It consists boat detail information you must fill, like Make, Year, Model, Length, Registration/CF/Document Number, Serial/Hull ID Number, General Boat Type, and Engine. You can add more rows, edit current titles, add more term and conditions and other information that might be important for both of you as seller or buyer. Remember, you probably will need a notary to legalize this bill of sale to strengthen your legal protection of any future disputes.

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