Dog Bill of Sale

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Dog Bill of Sale Word TemplateThere is actually a common knowledge among society stating that dog may become man’s best friend. The fact is that we can see that more and more people nowadays want to buy a dog to become their pet as well as their part of family. We notice that each people have different reason in why they want to buy a dog. Yet, we may realize that some of them want to simply have companion to their house whether as friend or guard to the house.

Actually, the best way to get quality dog is indeed from the quality seller. Yet, how can we determine a good seller providing dog for people out there. First consideration is related to the legal aspect of the seller. We need to make sure that they have certification to conduct such business. Second consideration is related to the variety of dog breed which is the more is the better. Another significant consideration is about the existence of dog bill of sale for any transaction made. It is so important because both the seller and buyer may find an agreement of the dog sales by signing such bill. The problem is that not all people understand about the quality dog bill of sale that they need to get.

In order to deal with the problem in how to determine the quality of dog bill of sale, you need to know the basic contents of the sale. First is the state of the seller which may describe the dog’s data whether name, sex, application number, dam, breed, color, date of birth, and sire. Second, the seller should make sure to input the notification that the dog having good health. Another point is the column for both the seller and buyer data where they can sign it.

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