Trailer Bill of Sale

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Trailer Bill of Sale Template for WordTrailer is defined as a large transport vehicle designed to be hauled by a truck or tractor or a furnished vehicle drawn by a truck or automobile and used when parked as a dwelling or office. Basically it is a vehicle, so if you plan to sell or transfer its ownership, you should need a bill of sale document to secure the transaction between you and the buyer. If you are a buyer, you should also secure the transaction by asking the seller to provide a bill of sale document.

This trailer bill of sale template is a simple legal document which you may need as a proof of purchase signed by both the seller and the buyer. Hopefully this document should settle any disputes or discrepancies that may arise after the transaction is made.

Before this document is signed, better both the seller and the buyer agreed on written terms. Since this is a simple template, feel free to add more detail information in specification box and add more legal terms below the specification box to secure the transaction. Make sure that you keep this document in a ease-to-find and secure place, so you will find it easily when you need it.

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