2014 Monthly Calendar

steve   November 14, 2013  

2014 Monthly Calendar Template for Microsoft WordAlthough plenty of calendars can be found in internet sites either using calendar software or bought from book stores, there are people who always looking for a Microsoft Word version where they can do some customization inside the calendar. It can be seen from thousands of people who downloaded this year version of my monthly calendar. The one that you can download here is a new Monthly Calendar for year 2014.

This is still a plain and basic monthly calendar where you have to personalize it to make it more nice. Modify the fonts, change border color, add background are some works that you have to do. And don’t forget to put your notes below specific dates inside the calendar. For example, you can put notes on your football team schedule as well as its TV broadcaster who air it live. If you are a student, you can put related academic information inside the calendar, for example your exam dates. After it is finished, you can print it and stick it on your room wall and add more notes by writing it directly when there are some new academic schedule informed by your teachers, like new dates for additional lessons etc.

Ok guys. I believe that you are already familiar with this calendar. I made the landscape version of this 2014 monthly calendar. And as usual, there are 12 individual month calendars, but still in portrait orientation. You can start to download and use it by selecting from the list below.

  2014 Monthly Calendar - Portrait (36.3 KiB, 1,295 hits)

  2014 Monthly Calendar - Landscape (34.1 KiB, 2,511 hits)

  January 2014 Calendar (19.0 KiB, 900 hits)

  February 2014 Calendar (18.7 KiB, 727 hits)

  March 2014 Calendar (19.1 KiB, 851 hits)

  April 2014 Calendar (18.7 KiB, 739 hits)

  May 2014 Calendar (18.8 KiB, 743 hits)

  June 2014 Calendar (18.9 KiB, 740 hits)

  July 2014 Calendar (18.9 KiB, 692 hits)

  August 2014 Calendar (18.8 KiB, 731 hits)

  September 2014 Calendar (19.9 KiB, 817 hits)

  October 2014 Calendar (18.8 KiB, 882 hits)

  November 2014 Calendar (18.8 KiB, 985 hits)

  December 2014 Calendar (18.7 KiB, 966 hits)