2016/2017 School Calendars

steve   July 19, 2016  

2016/2017 School Calendar Template for WordMost schools around the world are usually starting their terms between July – September. And due to their school agendas that needs to be distributed to their teachers and students before or at the beginning of their school terms, this month should be a busy month for them to prepare those agendas and map it into their own school calendars.

This 2016/2017 school calendar template should help you writing your events. There are several models you can choose as your official school calendar. If you already have the official one, you can use this as backup calendars, or distribute it as editable calendars where teachers and students can write their own events in it and mark their own dates.

The first model doesn’t have areas to write event description. You can mark it by changing respective date background colors. The second model has notes area where you can write school event descriptions as well as mark respective dates. If you are looking for Monthly model where you can write your school agendas inside the calendar directly and distribute it monthly or as 12 sheets, you can choose the third models. It isn’t an exact school calendar though. It is a month calendar, one month in one file, where you can download months that suit your needs. You can write many information in these date cells. And when you finish customizing the calendar, you can easily merge those separated calendars into one file using Microsoft Word.

Model 1 :

2016/2017 School Calendar Template Model 1

  2016/2017 School Calendar 77 (36.8 KiB, 380 hits)

  2016/2017 School Calendar 76 (35.6 KiB, 285 hits)

  2016/2017 School Calendar 87 (35.6 KiB, 269 hits)

  2016/2017 School Calendar 88 (36.3 KiB, 261 hits)

  2016/2017 School Calendar 98 (35.4 KiB, 290 hits)

Model 2 :
Image of this calendar is the same with the first picture at the beginning of this article. Agendas description are placed at the right side of each month tables

  2016/2017 School Calendar 98 - Model 2 (36.9 KiB, 325 hits)

Model 3 :
Monthly calendar spans from July 2016 – July 2017

2017 Month Calendar - January

  July 2016 Calendar - Landscape (184.4 KiB, 718 hits)

  August 2016 Calendar - Landscape (183.1 KiB, 724 hits)

  September 2016 Calendar - Landscape (184.3 KiB, 687 hits)

  October 2016 Calendar - Landscape (183.2 KiB, 708 hits)

  November 2016 Calendar - Landscape (183.1 KiB, 683 hits)

  December 2016 Calendar - Landscape (183.6 KiB, 727 hits)

  January 2017 Calendar (19.5 KiB, 850 hits)

  February 2017 Calendar (19.0 KiB, 668 hits)

  March 2017 Calendar (19.0 KiB, 556 hits)

  April 2017 Calendar (18.9 KiB, 540 hits)

  May 2017 Calendar (19.0 KiB, 576 hits)

  June 2017 Calendar (18.9 KiB, 588 hits)

  July 2017 Calendar (19.1 KiB, 561 hits)

Other 2016/2017 school calendar models will be added once they are available.