2016 Brazil Public Holidays Calendar

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2016 Brazil Public Holidays CalendarBrazil is the largest and the most populous country in South America. Nowadays, it is one of main tourists destination in South America. There are plenty of attractions you can find in this country, like Amazon river, Iguacu Falls, Ouro Preto, Christ the Redeemer and many more. Before you visit this country, you should take a look at this country’s public holidays to make sure that visit this country at the right time. There are three different category of public holidays, those are national, regional and government/bank holidays. And before you download the calendar, you can read a short description of those holidays below.

January 1st : New Year/Ano Nuevo
When international people call this day as New Year’s Eve, Brazilians call this day as Ano Nuevo, a Portuguese language of New Year. The date is estimated based on Gregorian calendar. People believe that eating a rice and lentil will bring good fortune and prosperity in one year advanced and coming to the public areas such as beach, pub, hall and many more.  Besides, in this day a parade which show many people wearing traditional custom, singing and dancing on street are held and it is focused on Rio De Janeiro. Just for your information, to see the parade, you have to book the hotel in this city as soon as possible because this is the busiest time here.

February 8th – 9th : Carnival
This becomes the famous and biggest festival in Brazil. Carnival is held as the beginning of Easter day. People start preparing everything that makes all activities in the city, especially in the coastal areas, are stopped for a week, so you better be careful when you come to this time.  The parade is held day and night.

February 10th : Ash Wednesday
Mark the beginning of the season of Lent.

March 25th : Good Friday
The celebration to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus when everyone prepares religious ceremonies in every place, especially in Rio De Janeiro.

April 21st : Tiradentes Day
This day celebrates the figure who fought for the independence of Brazil : Joaquim Jose Da Silva. Travelers may get problem this day because public services are off, government services are closed, and shops open a half day.

May 1st : Labor day
People celebrate worker’s day.

September 7th : Independence day
In this day people will come to the street, setting fireworks, air show, parade, doing picnic and vacation plus wearing banner and poster of independence.

October 12th : Lady Aparecida
She is the patron of Brazilian. People usually visit her figure in the shrine.

November 2nd: All souls Day
People who are alive commemorate those who have dead by decorating their grave.

November 15th : Republic Day

November 20th : Zumbi dos Palmares
Commemorate Zumbi dos Palmares, a national hero in Brazil.

December 25th : Christmas

This 2016 Brazil public holidays calendar is created using Microsoft Word. You can easily mark your own dates or change its color to another color.

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