2018 England Public Holidays Calendar

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2018 England Calendar with Public HolidaysEngland is a part of United Kingdom and alongside Wales; it has just a few public holidays those often referred as bank holidays. These two terms of holidays are often being used interchangeably although that actually there is a little difference between the two of them. Bank holidays actually means the holidays for banks and businesses. Meanwhile, the public holidays mean that the holidays have been observed through practice and custom. Therefore the actual correct words to be used to replace public holidays are common law holidays.

During the public holidays, most of businesses, schools as well as the non-essential services will be closed. However, the retail shops especially for the large ones remain open during the public holidays. As a part of United Kingdom, England has no national day to commemorate the nation probably because there is no official or formal founding date found.

In England and anywhere in United Kingdom, when a holiday happens to fall on Saturday or Sunday, the holiday or the day off date will be prolonged to the next day which is Monday. But if Monday is actually a holiday too, the date will be prolonged to Tuesday.

January 1st : New Year Day
An international day off that is marking the beginning of the New Year

March 30th : Good Friday
The celebration during Friday two days before Easter Day

April 2nd : Easter Monday
A day after Easter Day is over

May 7th :  May Day Bank Holiday
A holiday for banks and businesses and to commemorate May Day

May 28th: Spring Bank Holiday
A spring holiday for banks and businesses

August 27th : Summer Bank Holiday
A day that is marking the end of summer holiday, some people will take a chance for a short trip

December 25th : Christmas Day
This is a day and time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ

December 26th : Boxing Day
A day after the Christmas day, a very good day for football lovers.

As informed, there are only few holidays in England. You must use your leave allocation if you want to travel or have vacation with your family outside your city if you think it should take more than 1 day. You can add and mark your days off in this calendar.

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