2016 Islamic Calendar

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2016 Islamic Calendar Template2016 Islamic calendar template is exactly what you need if you are Muslim and you want to do your religious prayers or celebrating the muslim holiday. With regular calendar, you will never find the detail but with Islamic calendar, you will. The Islamic calendar is also called the Hijri calendar. It is a completely lunar calendar and just like the regular calendar, it has also 12 months but of course the names of the months are different. The calendar is based on the movement of the moon. Apparently, the Islamic calendar is considered to be shorter than a tropical year. If you want to print the Islamic calendar, you surely can because the 2016 Islamic template is available now. You need to make sure that you get the template from a trusted site, though. Below is more information about Islamic calendar.

You will need the Islamic calendar if you are:
1. A faithful muslim who wants to do your religious prayers according to the calendar because you do not want to miss anything at all.
2. Anyone who wants to explore more about Islam and thus needs to know their year numbering and so on.
3. A muslim who wants to know the notable dates on the calendar including the Islamic New Year, Eid, and Hajj to Mecca day.
4. Anyone who works in muslim environment and wants to know specific muslim holiday’s dates.

The template of Islamic calendar can be found in many sites right now on the internet or you can download one here. Since this is a template, it means that you can easily modify and print the calendar to be used later. And also, there are some months which could have different number of days because of different month period based on previous month period calculation. You might realize that on Eid or Arafah day, almost muslim society around the world are gathering and monitor month movement to accurately decide the correct celebration days. Be careful in editing or modifying it if you have no idea about the calendar. Just leave it be and print it so that you will get a reliable Islamic calendar at home or at work. There are no Arabic fonts in this 2016 Islamic calendar template, you can replace it by yourself if you want to have one.

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