2016 Linear Calendar

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2016 Linear Calendar Template for Word2016 linear calendar template is basically the calendar template for Microsoft Word but with the arrangement of horizontal cells instead of the block cells those commonly can be found in a lot of calendars. This is the kind of calendar that will be rarely found in the offline market. You can get one in several internet site as well as in this site.

This kind of calendar is thought as being convenient by some people especially when planning events as well as other things to be scheduled in the calendar. It can be easily used in marking the consecutive dates especially when a plan is intended to last for several weeks. In addition of the horizontal cells for the dates, there will be a specific table for the additional notes to be added when necessary to be done.

Do I Need 2016 Calendar Template?
The 2016 calendar linear template might come handy for you if:
•    You want to be able to have a good planning calendar to help planning ahead of time.
•    You want to put marks or potential schedule for the year 2016.
•    You are working for scheduling for your own or a group of people or companies.
•    You want to compare your plan month-by-month easily

What Will Be Seen in this Calendar?
When you see the 2016 calendar linear template, you’ll notice that it is relatively different from the regular calendar. In this linear type of calendar you will see:
•    Rows of full days in every month.
•    All months from January to December will be listed while the days and weeks will be put horizontally along the line of respective months.
•    A specific table to write down the detailed information needed for every event or schedule mark on the calendar.

Using this calendar to mark the particular days, weeks or months with possible plans or events is something great. Scheduling will become something easier to be done and without a doubt will be something. This kind of calendar will be excellent for many including for students or even for the people who work at the office. 2016 Linear Calendar template you download below is free to be customized to meet your own requirement.

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  2016 Linear Calendar - A3 size (21.9 KiB, 646 hits)

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