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Chinese Calendar 2017 Template for WordChinese calendar 2017 template is going to be very useful if you need the Chinese calendar after all. As we know, there are millions of Chinese out there and most of them are still celebrating Chinese holiday and tradition such as the Chinese New Year where in year 2017 falls in 28th of January. And this new Chinese year is called the Year of the Rooster.

It is not only the people living in People’s Republic of China who need the Chinese calendar but also all Chinese, and even non Chinese, in other countries. Even though the civil business and everything is determining using the Gregorian calendar, the need of Chinese calendar is still massive because Chinese calendar is used to determining Chinese holiday, traditional celebrations, and also festivals. That is why numerous Chinese communities all across the world still need to use the Chinese calendar. Below is more information about the Chinese calendar for you. Also, many companies around the world are doing business with Chinese people which make them must know when to order their products and hold a meeting with them to avoid any missed schedules because of Chinese holidays.

You will need the Chinese calendar if you are:

  • A Chinese who wants to honor your ancestors by celebrating their traditional celebrations, festivals, and holiday.
  • Anyone who is interested in Chinese culture and want to know more about their tradition including their traditional celebrations, festivals, and holiday.
  • Working or getting involved in Chinese communities so that you will not be missing any of important dates on the Chinese tradition.

You can get the Chinese calendar in these following places:

  • Chinese communities. They always have the Chinese calendar and you can get one copy from them for sure.
  • Regular bookstore or a bookstore in China town. There must be selling the copy of Chinese calendar.
  • Websites. You can always get the template from many websites on the internet. Just find the right website and you will be able to get the best 2017 Chinese calendar to be printed at home.

But, it is not easy the Microsoft Word version of Calendar. Here, you can download Chinese Calendar 2017 in monthly layout. It is a Dual Calendar with both Gregorian and Chinese dates are shown together. There are 12 separate pages with Gregorian dates are written in the middle and Chinese dates above it. Gregorian month title typed at the top left side of each pages where Chinese month name are written at the top right side. Honestly, I don’t speak Chinese language, but this calendar template is created in Microsoft Word. It should be easy for you to correct it if you found some mistakes in its written/translation language. And before you print it, you can easily put your own agendas inside the calendar or modify its layout to suited more your own style.

  Chinese Calendar 2017 Template (98.5 KiB, 292 hits)

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