Restaurant Gift Certificate

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To maintain and boost the number of the restaurant visitors, you may need restaurant gift certificate. It is a gift template that you can make using graphic or word processor in your computer as well as download it from the internet. The restaurant gift certificate is the way you honor and appreciate the visitor with purpose of driving them to keep coming to your restaurant. Giving them gift certificate with a certain amount of money that could be used to pay any kind of meals in your restaurant make them come to your place with more and more friends. Give them more gift certificate and you will benefit more.

Restaurant Gift Certificate Template for Word

The restaurant certificate design that you use should contain certain information such as the date and the number of the gift certificate, the expired date, the name of the certificate holder and the amount of the money or the gift you give. Don’t forget also to detail the name of your restaurant and address and also the name of restaurant in which the gift certificate could be redeemed.  First, fill the date and the number of the given gift certificate to ease your paperwork, and then write the name of your customer in the “Presented to” field. Mention the name of the gift certificate in the “For” field and your restaurant name in the “From” field. At the end write the amount of the valid value can be redeemed from the certificate.

The restaurant gift certificate is usually valid for the next visit and good only for the amount indicated in it. Any excessive amount of bill should be paid by the gift holder himself. This gift certificate is an effective way to attract customers to come to your restaurant and taste the menus and if you are good in preparing the menu, they will keep coming although you don’t give them any gift certificate anymore.

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