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Bus Seating Chart 3 2 Seat FormationBus seating chart is a diagram depicting the seating configuration and arrangement of a bus. Sometimes, the diagram uses very simple and plain design and only shows empty boxes that are placed adjacently to represent all seats in the bus; however, it is also possible that the diagram uses a creative design that shows each seat with a seat drawing. This kind of diagram even shows certain objects in the bus’s interior, such as its wheel and driver’s seat, using lucid drawing. Regardless of the design that it uses, a bus seating chart is used for one purpose: to arrange the seating of all passengers and to make sure that every passenger gets his/her own seat.

This bus seating chart template is a bus seating chart template that can be modified using a word-processing program. It consists of empty fields representing bus seats that can be filled with passengers’ names. By using this template, the creation of a bus seating chart is expected to be easy and quick. This template can be a handy tool for everyone who is organizing a trip and needs a bus seating chart to make sure that the bus can accommodate all passengers and that no passenger doesn’t get a seat.

You will need this template if:
1. You are a school teacher who uses a school bus to take students to and from the school and on any school-related trips. You need this template especially if you are planning a trip to make sure that every participating student will be sitting.
2. You are a commercial bus operative who is responsible in arranging passengers’ seats. You can show the chart to the passengers so that they can choose their preferred seating positions.
3. You are renting a bus to accommodate your trip and you need a chart to make sure that every participant of the trip gets their seat.

This template contains the following elements.
1. A large diagram representing the configuration of bus’s interior. There are several formats you can pick as your bus seating reference
2. Fillable fields or table cells representing all available seats in the bus that can be filled with passenger’s names
3. Additional graphics to give a lucid impression that the diagram is representing the structure of the interior of a bus.

All templates below are free to be modified. You can add rows easily as well as change its layout.

Bus seating chart with fillable seat’s name.

  Bus Seating Chart - 1 2 Seat Formation (16.3 KiB, 545 hits)

  Bus Seating Chart - 2 2 Seat Formation (16.4 KiB, 502 hits)

  Bus Seating Chart - 2 1 Seat Formation (16.3 KiB, 378 hits)

  Bus Seating Chart - 2 3 Seat Formation (16.4 KiB, 436 hits)

  Bus Seating Chart - 3 2 Seat Formation (16.5 KiB, 404 hits)

  Bus Seating Chart - 3 3 Seat Formation (16.5 KiB, 463 hits)

Bus seating chart with seat’s number and its passenger list.

Bus Seating Chart with Seat Number

  Bus Seating Chart - With Seat Number (16.8 KiB, 453 hits)

  Bus Seating Chart - Passenger List (16.8 KiB, 430 hits)

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