Chinese Gender Chart

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Chinese Conception Calendar Template WordChinese gender chart is a chart that consist of baby gender information used by ancient Chinese to predict or plan their babies. There was no USG equipment at that time and for ceremonial reason, they need to know what their baby’s gender was before they was born. Is it still needed now? Is it still accurate? You can compare it with USG result now. But, maybe you won’t even need it to predict it. You might need it before you get pregnant, to calculate the right time to plan a baby. That’s why it is also called Chinese gender predictor.

By the way, according to some experts, this chart has beenĀ  used since the dawn of the Qing Dynasty. Initially, it could only be used by the nobles and also their concubines. And they are usually kept within the hand of the royal eunuch. As the age of modernization keep effecting the society of China, this calendar could be then used by the general public. And it even went global when the United Kingdom invaded Chinese empire a long time ago.

How to Read Chinese Gender Chart

In order to use the calendar, first you need to write down the age of the mother. Also write down the exact month where the baby was conceived. Then cross the month of conceive and also the age of the mother according to the column and row that you found. If you find yourself in a box with an M (Male) on it, it is very likely that your infant will be a boy. And an F (Female) means that the baby will be a girl.

Ok. Here is the chart.

  Chinese Conception Calendar (23.9 KiB, 238 hits)

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