Periodic Table of Elements

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Periodic Table of Elements - Word TemplatePeriodic table of elements is a table of chemical elements that are arranged horizontally according to their atomic number or weight and vertically according to their chemical properties. Chemical elements that are located on the right in the table always have more atoms than those of the ones located on their left and chemical elements that are on the same column always have the same chemical properties. Periodic table of elements is a magnum opus coming from the genius of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev, a Russian chemist. Discovered in 1869, this periodic table undergoes continuous evolution as new chemical elements were either discovered or artificially produced. The latest modification done to this table occurred in 2007 when the newly discovered 118th element—unonoctium—was added to the table. Periodic table of elements can now be found on the wall of almost all classes where chemistry is taught.

This periodic table of elements template is a Word template that can be printed immediately. No significant modification—apart from formatting modification—is needed to make this template functional. Simply print this template and the periodic table of elements will be ready to use. This is a color template, meaning that all groups of elements that are shown on it have been colored distinctively. Templates of both the new and the old IUPAC versions as well as CAS version is available as a free downloadable template.

Do I Need This Periodic Table of Elements Template?
You will need this template if:
1. You are a chemistry student who needs a handy periodic table to be fixed on the wall of your room.
2. You are a chemistry teacher who needs a handy tool to deliver your lessons to your students.
3. You are a school administrator who wants to make sure that every class in your school has periodic table of elements fixed on its wall.

What Does the Template Contain?
This template contains the following elements.
1. All chemical elements that have been discovered or artificially produced up to today
2. Colored blocks representing the properties of all included chemical elements
3. Legend providing information of all parts of the periodic table

Why Is This Template Important?
Every chemistry leaner is aware of the importance of this periodic table. Although many of them have memorized all included elements either using mnemonics or not, the table is still considered important as a reference that aids them in their study.

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