Wedding Seating Chart

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A wedding seating chart is a chart with which the seating of guests in a wedding ceremony or reception can be planned. Prearranging wedding seating is necessary when letting guests sit at random tables in the wedding venue is considered an unpractical or undesirable option. A prearranged wedding seating is also necessary to make all guests feel that they are VIPs whose seats have been reserved beforehand. By prearranging wedding seating, a wedding ceremony or reception will be more organized. A wedding seating chart is a handy tool to organize the seating and to make sure that every guest gets their seat.

Wedding Seating Chart Template for Word

This wedding seating chart template is a template that is designed to be used with Microsoft Word or another similar program for creating a wedding seating chart. Although it is called a template, it actually uses the regular Microsoft Word document format (doc or docx), which is a more familiar format for Word users, instead of the template format (dot or dotx). The seating chart has been designed to be usable for arranging all kinds of table that support different types and numbers of seats. Only slight modification is needed to change the type of the table and the number of seats included in the template.

You will need this template if:
1. You are planning your wedding ceremony and you consider the seating arrangement of your special event as important as other aspects of that event.
2. You are a wedding organizer who is hired to organize a wedding event, including its seating.
3. You are a manager of a wedding venue and you have to arrange the seating of your client’s guests.

This wedding seating chart template includes the following elements.
1. A seating template for various types of tables and chairs (round table, square table, rectangular table, etc. with any numbers of seats (4, 6, 8, 10, etc.))
2. A template for creating place cards and table numbers that can be printed and cut
3. A template for creating the list of all attending guests and their respective table numbers and seats

If a perfectly organized wedding event is what you want, you need this template. This template will also be useful if you want to reserve certain tables for certain groups of guests, such as your family, classmates, etc.

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