Apartment Hunting Checklist

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Apartment Hunting ChecklistMoving to a new town for a new job requires you to find the best place to stay, and apartment is the common choice for workers. Hunting for an apartment may take much time since you need to compare several apartments before deciding your best choice. This apartment hunting checklist will help you check each apartment condition and compare up to four apartments.

Details about the apartments are very important but somehow you can easily forget them after you visit the next one. After the hunting process, you may find difficult to make a good decision. Using this checklist, you will have a complete information about the apartments. You can read the information and easily pick one of several apartments.

You need to bring the checklist when you visit each apartment and write down the information needed. It gives you a comprehensive list of something that you need to check in the apartment including the physical condition (address, size, number of beds, etc), facilities (furnished or not, swimming pool, fridge, etc), neighborhood (near bus/train station, near school, near stores, etc), terms-and-conditions (rent payment, pets, etc), and items included in the apartments. For more important information to be considered, you can write them at the “note” part on the bottom of the checklist. When this checklist is completed, you should compare them and pick the most suitable apartment with your current condition.

If somehow, you have more than 4 apartment options, you can print more checklists. You can modify this apartment hunting checklist template to accommodate more columns as well. You can change its layout from portrait to landscape to make rooms for new columns. If you think you need more item to be considered, you can add new rows inside respective tables and type your item. You just need a Microsoft Word to do it.

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