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Applicant Checklist Template for WordApplicant checklist form is a human resources department form to check submitted applicant documents prior to company’s test or interview stages. This form should help any HR people to get a brief summary on all applicants who apply for particular position. With this form, they can dismiss applicants who don’t submit complete documents as required.

Instead of just filtering them based on document completeness, putting a few but important detail could help to select correct candidates, especially if your company only has one stage to select and recruit new employee.

Some important factors are :

  • Education : You can filter your candidates based on their highest education
  • Status : If you prefer a single person, this status column should ease you to achieve that
  • Last Position : You can filter your candidates based on their last position in current companies
  • Year of Experiences : If experience is one of your important consideration, filtering your candidates based on this criteria should be easy
  • Certificates : Any certification should help you decide to select certain candidates
  • Reference Letter : Any reference letters should be helpful to strengthen your candidate’s position for further process

There are other important criteria that might not written in this form, and you may think that those criteria are more important. If that’s the case, you can edit this Microsoft Word form template to meet your own requirement. After summarize all of your candidates, you can read their resume thoroughly, or you can isolate their resumes and send them to respective department who needs new employee for further selection process. And after respective departments return it, you can easily contact selected applicants for further process.

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