Car Daily Maintenance Checklist

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Car Daily Maintenance Checklist for WordCar daily maintenance checklist is a tabular checklist listing all necessary procedural checks that must be carried out when performing daily inspection of the car’s overall condition. Car maintenance should be a regular routine. It can be carried out once per month or once per week. Daily car maintenance, although not being as comprehensive and rigorous as weekly and monthly maintenance, is not less important than the latter. In fact, there are many instances where daily car maintenance is considered essential and indispensable. Car owners, car renters, users of company’s car, and people who use their private car for business purpose often need to keep the car they use maintained on daily basis. When they do the maintenance, keeping a log is proven to be both useful and necessary. This Car daily maintenance checklist template is meant to help car maintainers prepare the maintenance checklist whenever necessary.

Do I Need This Template?

You will need this template to create a car maintenance checklist if you are one of the following people.
1. Car owners who need a checklist to organize the maintenance of their car
2. Car renters who are required by the rental company to ensure that the rented car is properly maintained and that a written report detailing the maintenance of the car is available
3. Staff who use their company’s vehicles. A company mostly requires its employees to perform proper maintenance to its cars. Employees can use a car maintenance checklist and log as a written report describing their care for the car.
4. People who use their private car as a vehicle in their company’s projects. By keeping a log, they can make sure that the fuel used by the car when it is used for business purpose is reimbursed by the company and that the utilization of the car for business purpose will be tax-exempt.

What Does the Template Contain?

The following are elements that the car maintenance checklist contains.
1. Empty fields where information about the car, including its make and model, can be inputted
2. A table with row and column headers specifying the maintenance day/date and a series of necessary maintenance stages
3. Fillable cells, including those that can be filled with check marks signifying completed maintenance tasks and those that can be filled with text explaining the detail of the execution of a particular task

If you are getting confused on how to start creating one, you can download this sample below, modify its columns, rows, titles before print and use it as your official car maintenance checklist. Or, you can start creating a new one by using this template as your reference.

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