Convenience Store Feasibility Study Checklist


Convenience Store Feasibility Study Checklist Form TemplateAre you planning to open a mini mart/convenience store in your area? You might need to read specific franchise requirement if you plan to join one of well known franchises, such as Circle-K or 7 eleven. In the beginning, you should submit a proposal to them, then if your proposal is accepted, you must agree with their terms and conditions. Then, if you already have a location, and you agree with their terms, usually they will send a survey team to survey the feasibility of your location.

This form is a basic form where you can learn what kind of information they are usually inspecting at your location before approving to open their convenience store in your location.

First aspect that needs to be evaluated is the physical condition of your location. They will see your building size, number of floors/rooms/rest rooms, as well as its building supporting infrastructure like water and electricity. Then they will see public facility in and around your building, like car parking, stairs, emergency exits, smoke detectors etc.

Your location neighborhood also give some consideration on approval process since nearest school, apartment,  tourist attraction or public transportation area will be valued higher than other area, especially if they don’t have their stores in those areas yet.

Approval criteria could be different among different franchises, you might see more others that you haven’t found in this form. But, you can use it as a reference to prepare your location before it is surveyed. If you plan to open your own franchise or your own stores, you can use this Convenience Store Feasibility Checklist form as a reference to create your own store partnership inspection checklist. It is free to be edited. You can add as many tables, rows and columns as you want by using table tools in Microsoft Word.

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