In-House Training Preparation Checklist

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In-House Training Preparation Checklist TemplateAs Human Resources Manager, you might think that arranging in-house training in your company could be cheaper and more effective than sending your employees to particular training places outside your office. Because you only have to focus on inviting targeted trainer and preparing their accommodation instead of preparing allowances for your employees. Is that all? You need to be more detail on preparing other things as well to make sure the training will give you the expected outcome.

This in-house training preparation checklist should give you ideas on any aspects you need to think and prepare on organizing that training event. As you can see in the first page, at the top of the page you need to put your training topic, date, expected participants, location and its project officer.

Then you can categorize your preparation based on category as follows :

A. Trainer
It includes invitation letter preparation, confirmation deadline and their transportation and accommodation

B. Participant
It should be selected from list of your employees

C. Officer
It should be HR people who has been assigned as a coordinator for this training event

D. Venue
Since it takes place in your company, you’d better arrange it with General Affairs people who responsibility with meeting room/hall reservation

E. Support
Sound system, projector, laptop, training kit, training material, certificates and photo/video documentations are supporting tools you must prepare as well.

F. Administration
You can’t forget guest book and name tags as part of administration requirement. You can use other Word templates for this purposes since this is used for in-house training. It doesn’t need to print at printed companies.

This in-house training preparation checklist form is fully editable. You can add or remove items inside the table, or you can create your own in-house training preparation checklist form. Product type training will be different than Customer Service type training where the first will emphasize on product knowledge and the latter will emphasize on how to serve customers well.

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