Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

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Kindergarten Readiness ChecklistKindergarten Readiness Checklist is a list of children capability checked by their parents or teachers before they are entering kindergarten school. The results will be used as a reference to develop their capability to the same level as their friends at the same age. The checklist contains three big parts, those are :

Academic Skills
In this part, children will be asked to do some tests, for example:- Say his/her name, age, address and phone number
– Write his/her name as well as his/her parents name
– Recognize basic colors and shapes
– Recognize or spell letters and numbers
– Count objects within a group

Motor Skills
In this part, children will be tested to do some actions, for example:
– Tie his/her own shoes
– Color a picture
– Cut straight line with scissors
– Hold a pencil
– Touches each finger to the thumb
– Hops on one foot several times
– Button and zip his/her own clothes
– Solves a simple puzzle

Emotional Skills
These tests are aimed to check children emotional responses, for example:
– Socialize with other children
– Handle winning and losing gracefully
– Control his/her anger and frustration
– Respond to and speak appropriately to adults
– Stays with one activity for more than 15 minutes
– Speaks up and communicates needs
– Follows direction
– Take responsibility at home for toys, bedroom, and small jobs
– Listen attentively
– Attend to personal needs, for example toileting and blowing his/her nose

As parents, you can also try these tests to your children and develop them as preparation when you leave them with their friends and teachers in their schools. But, do not try to get perfect as your children new neighborhood should help them grow as expected.

This template below is just a checklist reference. You should ask your school teachers the real tests, so you can modify this list to suit your school requirement.

  Kindergarten Readiness Checklist Template (50.5 KiB, 485 hits)

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