New Employee Orientation Checklist

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New Employee Orientation Checklist TemplateA new employee should be given a briefing so that s/he knows the duty that is assigned to him or her, and the most important one is s/he knows his or her responsibility. A company should have its own standard, a regulation that might be written through employment handbook that is released independently. Along with the handbook, a new employee orientation checklist will be absolutely needed, especially when a new team has just been formed.

That kind of checklist comes through a form of Microsoft Template, a scrap of digital document that can be printed easily. That document, at the same time, provides a several item that needs to be handed over/borrowed as well as being trained to a new employee. Shortly speaking, that checklist contains with all information concerning all resources of companies that will be borrowed and used as well as procedures of administration/specific policies that must be obeyed by new employees.

Since that template fits the format of Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) then you should not create it by your own. It is enough for you to download the template and do customization by yourself. Make sure that you train and hand over the correct item to the correct employees.

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