Thanksgiving Preparation Checklist

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Thanksgiving Preparation Checklist is a template that you can use to prepare any thanksgiving event. With this checklist, you are urged to write all of your agenda that should prevent any failures that could happen in that day. As you know, thanksgiving is a national holiday where all of your lovely people are gathering with you to celebrate it. If you manage this event for a small group or small family, you might prepare it easily. But, if you are responsible for a big thanksgiving event, you might to prepare and write everything. And if you are a leader to organize the event, you might need to distribute all tasks to correct people and control their tasks.

Thanksgiving Preparation Checklist Template for Word

There are dummies tasks in this thanksgiving preparation checklist template. And you can start writing your plan three weeks before D-day. It could be longer or shorter, it depends on number of people that you plan to invite and its location. If you plan to invite people within your neighborhood and the party is held in your house, perhaps not much agenda that needs to be prepared, especially if your guests will also bring additional foods and beverages. But, all still needs to be written, though.

If you plan to organize thanksgiving dinner for more than 20 people, and you must to rent a place for that event, then, you must prepare it carefully. As informed above you can start three weeks in advance, from finding and rent location, surveying the location, planning decoration and number of chairs and tables that will be rented, creating grocery list and so on. There are plenty of item you should put into the list. You can classified those task lists into two weeks, one week, 2 days, 1 day before D-day and assign people for particular tasks.

You can download the free thanksgiving preparation checklist template below. You can print it as a blank and printable checklist where you can write your agenda manually, or just type it using Microsoft Word. If you are looking for ideas or task samples, you can find them in several internet sites.

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