Bill of Lading

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Bill of Lading TemplateBill of lading template is useful for you who have cargo shipping service. In specific, you can just track the shipping information including the barcode and the signature. This kind of template is important to keep the order save and easy to handle.

Purpose of Bill of Lading

It is important to use bill of lading template because it is a kind of written contract between the carrier and the shipper. After completing the template including giving the signature it means both sides are bounded by the trading law. The shipper has to deliver the package safely to the receiver and on the other hand the carrier has to follow the rule of the shipping activities. Commonly, the bill of lading template is prepared by the owner of the service. It means it is a must for you to complete the form before using the service.

How to Fill Bill of Lading Template

There are several details you should notice in bill of lading template. By learning about the detail, you can complete it fast and in the right way so the process can be done as soon as possible. In the beginning of the template, you have to complete the name and the complete address whether you are the shipper or the receiver. Don’t forget to write down the special account number for tracking activity. It is also necessary for you to write down the specific instruction for the carrier. Definitely, it is also important to mention the date of shipment along with the total of the shipping units. Then, you start to clarify the detail of the package. For example, you have to mention the type of the packaging, such as paper, pallets, drums, and many more. Just add it with the general description of the package. The last thing is determining the weight and the value of the package being shipped. There are specific rules for those who want to deliver hazardous materials.

This template below is one template that you can find in other internet site as well.

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