Hotel Room Attendant Daily Report

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Hotel Room Attendant Daily Report Template for WordHotel room attendant daily report is a form that carried by any Guest Room Attendant (GRA) to write and report their tasks daily. If you are a hotel guest, you might see this form hung in particular cleaning person cabinets. Every time they finished cleaning one room, they have to write the results of assigned tasks in this form.

As you can see in this form, all of tasks assigned to them can be categorized into four big groups, those are Checking, Cleaning, Replacing and Refilling.

  • Checking : Check functions of all item, mechanically and electronically. Like check television, phone, internet, lights etc.
  • Cleaning : Clean beds, floors and bathroom
  • Replacing : Replace bed cover and towels with new ones
  • Refilling : Refill soap, shampoo, stationery, etc.

And there are remarks column to write important information that needs to be reported, like broken air conditioner, locked safety box, broken glass etc. Before starting to fill needed information, remember to write its hotel room number. And if you don’t have a strong brain to memorize your activities, it is recommended to write it every time you completed your task in one room.

This hotel room attendant daily report form also can be used for apartment, villas, which requires to be cleaning and maintained daily. Sometimes, cleaning people is not employed by the hotel, and having this form will help you settling any disputes between hotel and outsourcing parties. Feel free to modify this template to meet your business requirement. You just need a Microsoft Word to edit it.

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