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Internal office memo (IOM) is the template in Microsoft Office used among the company’s staffs to tell each other anything related to the company matters. It’s needed because at times the staffs from different divisions need to communicate directly and to do so they need to leave a message. This is very efficient as it can also be copied so that other staffs can also check out the memo. As it’s a formal template, it has to be strictly used for the company’s business.

Internal Office Memo Template for Word

Within the company, it’s important for the staffs to keep exchange the information related to the company’s issues with each other. Yet, the media to communicate should be simple and easy to comprehend so that there will be no confusion in the future. This then when the internal memo is important. It’s a piece of paper containing valuable details about who writes the memo, who receives the memo, what the memo is about, and so on. It’s also important to keep the memo as short and as concise as possible so that the receiver of the memo can get the sender’s points immediately.

How to Use Internal Office Memo Template

Using internal memo is actually very simple. You just need to fill the information required by the memo. Here is the step by step:
1. Fill the name of the receiver and the sender next to the words “To” and “From”.
2. Write the titles of the receiver and the sender if there’s any.
3. Write the departments of the receiver and the sender; it’s especially crucial if the departments are different.
4. Fill the Cc if the memo is intended to be forwarded to the third party.
5. Write the topic of the memo next to the word “Re”.
6. Don’t forget to write the date too.
7. Write down your memo. Always use effective words and short paragraphs. It’s better to only have five lines for each paragraph so that it’s not misleading.

Here is the template.

  Internal Office Memo Template (62.0 KiB, 202 hits)

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