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There are many ways to keep internal communication within your business running well. As a boss or manager, you should consider about techniques to approach your people. In giving instructions, you do not always need to take time out of the office door to meet the staff. You have a secretary or assistant that will provide you help in delivering message to the employees.

Memo Template for Microsoft Word

Memo is more than just a piece of paper with small notes. This tool has been used from ancient Greece. In business, it plays essential role in internal communication. It is true that you can simply share command to your staff through email or instant message using computer and internet technology. However, to look more professional, the ancient method is still worth to practice. Memo format usually contains of letterhead, name of the recipient and space for notes writing. You may ever want to use any type of paper to write the notes and give it to the wanted staff in person. However, in business, it is always recommended to do all internal activities in professional way. And to make it perfectly reflect the organization profile, you should give attention to the template.

Memo template samples are available in varied version. If you want something practical, you can give the customization on the letterhead. Black or blue moon positioned on the right top corner of the paper seems to be a simple idea. You can search for the sample on the net and download it as your permanent template. Do not forget to put the company logo too.

  Memo Template - SD1 Letterhead (68.0 KiB, 212 hits)

  Blank Memo Template (62.0 KiB, 207 hits)

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