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Music Staff Sheet Template - 10 linesMusic staff is a set consisting of five parallel horizontal lines where various types of music symbols are placed. Depending on how the staff is used, different symbols might be placed on it. The simplest form of this staff is a set of five horizontal lines with a treble clef (G clef) placed on its left. A grand staff, which is usually used by piano players, consists of two sets of staff with treble clef and bass clef placed on their left. It may also consist of one additional staff with bass clef. A percussion staff also consists of five horizontal lines, but it doesn’t use any clefs that indicate the pitch of particular notes.

Music staff sheet template template is a Microsoft Word template to create music staff sheet that is ready to print. The template may or may not contain clef, which make it suitable for both music and percussion playing. All drawings used in the template use Microsoft Word’s drawing objects, making the template quite easy to modify. However, due to the complexity of the placement of various musical symbols, the template is mostly usable only after it is printed with symbols placed on it using pen or marker. Only limited number of symbols can be digitally placed on it.

Do I Need This Template?
You will likely need this template if you are:
1.    A musician playing any types of musical instruments, including piano, guitar, viola, violin, violoncello, etc.
2.    A percussionist who needs a staff sheet with a neutral clef to indicate notes to be played by percussion instruments.

Whether you are an apprentice or a beginner who has just learned music or a professional musician, you will need this template to create a music staff sheet.

What Does this Template Contain?
The template consists of a letter-size sheet of paper with music staff drawn on it. The five-line staff is made using Microsoft Word’s native drawing objects. Basically, the template is designed to create a grand staff sheet with two combined staffs complemented with a treble clef and a bass clef. The two combined staffs can be separated and the clefs can be removed by ungrouping and deleting them. Basic notes may be placed by dragging and dropping; however, combined notes as well as other complex musical symbols have to be placed manually after the template is printed. This template is considered reliable enough to be a basic tool for producing a basic music staff sheet.

There several models you can download and customize to suit your own needs. With this free music staff sheet template, you don’t have to create from the scratch. Just edit or print it, and then you can start writing your music symbols.

  Music Staff Sheet - 8 lines (13.6 KiB, 3,167 hits)

  Music Staff Sheet - 10 lines (13.6 KiB, 1,442 hits)

  Music Staff Sheet - 12 lines (13.6 KiB, 1,343 hits)

  Music Staff Sheet - 10 lines with notes (16.8 KiB, 1,549 hits)

  Music Staff Sheet - 5 Double lines (13.9 KiB, 1,353 hits)

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