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Fax 1 with SD1 Style LetterheadThis is a common fax cover sheet template, that you can usually find anywhere in any sites, but this one has been designed with SD1 style letterhead. There is a common information cells inside, where you can put any sender and receiver information. You can use it as a printable blank fax form where you can write the information manually, or just type the basic information and print it.

This type of fax template is suitable for people who tend to put only a name as a sender/receiver  information.

  Fax Model 1 - SD1 Letterhead (67.0 KiB, 1,277 hits)

Below is other fax cover sheet template with SD2 style letterhead. This type of fax form is suitable for the company that needs to send the fax with company name information in it. Put a company name in sender/receiver cell and put a person name in “attn” cell. You can use it as a blank fax form that you can write all information manually or use it as a template where you can type all information before you print it.

  Fax Model 2 - SD1 Letterhead (68.0 KiB, 1,313 hits)

And if you are looking a blank fax cover sheet, you can download this one. This is one sample of SD1 style letterhead use for blank fax form. It is suitable for a fax that just need a letterhead with fax word in it. So, you can write or print any information in this blank form and send it right away.

SD1 Style Letterhead Blank Fax

  Blank Fax - SD1 Letterhead (62.0 KiB, 989 hits)

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