Audit Non Conformance Report

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Audit Non Conformance Report Form TemplateAudit non-conformance report is a report that is written when something does not meet agreed specification or requirement. It could be related with any services, products and process for all involved parties. Basically, this is a quality management system audit. You may find this document is needed if your company wants to comply with several ISO Standards. And this document should be handled by legal or quality assurance people. There are still many other documents that needs to be prepared for each ISO standards. And you might to comply all of them if your company is planning to become a public company or become a supplier/contractor for company that implements ISO standards as part of their acceptance qualification.

Basically this form is a reference form to guide you on how to create your own. In the first part of this form, you can find common information that have to be addressed. You can start with typing area/department, auditee, references, date and number.

In the second part, you can write observed nonconformity. Write the problem and their root causes. Classify their level, either major/minor or just still observed. Do not forget to be signed by both auditee and auditor.

In the third part, you can write corrective actions that have been or planned to be taken. Type additional information so you won’t miss any details in this form. Specific products, services or processes might require additional description or criteria to be put inside this form. Feel free to edit it since it requires only a little knowledge of Microsoft Word. Table is already created. You just need to modify titles or copy and paste several tables.

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