Certification Request Form

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Certification Submission Form TemplateCertification request form is a form to submit your new product to be tested and certified by certain department or authority. This form can be submitted by manufacturing department to quality testing department to check whether all requirements have been met. A simple example is a mobile phone product. There are several stages that must be passed before this product is produced for public. After several mock ups has been produced, quality and testing department will check several important features and functions, such as :

  • Are all keypad and buttons working properly?
  • Is its voice quality acceptable?
  • Can the phone connect to internet either with WiFi or mobile data without problem?
  • Does the touchscreen function well?
  • And many more

Those are several functions that needed to be tested to make sure it can go into production lines for mass production.

Other common usage of this form is as a cover letter for government authority certification. Several countries will require any products to be tested by their own labs before they license them to be sold within their countries. This certificate will be used as a proof that certain product has passed government requirement. That’s something that you will face when you are exporting your product to certain countries or you manufacture new products and want to market it officially.

This form is fully editable. You can modify it to suit your department or company’s requirement. You just need Microsoft Word to do it. If you need a form with more detail technical or product fields, you can use this Acceptance Test Plan form.

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