Clean and Dirty Linen Form

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Clean and Dirty Linen Checklist TemplateClean and dirty linen form is a form used to organize the sorting of any linen products. Linen is considered a prized fabric due to its weightlessness, crispness, professional appearance, and coolness especially in the summer. Linen is very smooth when touched and it often has slightly glossy appearance. Linen is widely used as clothing material; however, its most common use is as bed sheet and pillowcase. This is why in the home, linen generally refers to bed linens. Because linen is a widely used fabric, a large portion of a laundry is linen and during a laundry session, a form is often needed to sort linens and to separate dirty linens from clean ones. A clean and dirty linen form is useful in that regard.

A clean and dirty linen form can be created using a common word-processing program; however, with a template, the creation of that form will be much simpler, easier and quicker. This clean and dirty linen form Word template is designed to help people who need a versatile tool to create the form. Editable using both proprietary and open-source word-processing programs, this template is highly customizable and everyone can modify and print it with no trouble.

Do I Need This Template?
Anyone who frequently deals with clean and dirty linen mostly needs this template. If you are among the following people, you will find this template useful for you.
1. Housewives who have to clean linens regularly
2. Laundry owners who receive dirty linens from their clients regularly
3. Hotel staff who hold responsibility of managing hotel’s laundry
4. Linen controllers

What Does This Template Contain?
Because the form is used to organize the sorting of clean and dirty linens, the template used to create it must consist the following elements.
1. A table for listing all linens that are dirty and those that are already cleaned
2. The table consists of a column where all linen materials are listed (this column might be filled with linen material names before printing or left empty so that it can be filled using pen after being printed.)
3. Checkboxes for signifying that certain items are either dirty or clean

By using this template, a clean and dirty linen form can be created and cleaning process will be more organized and less troublesome. The template is available as a free download. Anyone who wishes to use it can download it without having to pay or sign up.

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