Contract Discrepancy Report

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Contract Discrepancy Report Form TemplateContract discrepancy report form is a form to address issues that arises when buyer found non-compliance issues between task implementation and signed contract. It could be any things. Some states usually have their own official forms to report it. But, if you need a reference to create your own, just as part of administrative tasks of ongoing project, you can use this contract discrepancy report form.

If you are a supervisor of specific projects, you need to control the implementation of those projects precisely. Any contract discrepancies could lead to your company’s disadvantage and it could ruin your company’s reputation in the long term. For example, if it is related with property business, any misses on furniture specification could lead your company to be sued by people who bought your property due to incorrect furniture they actually received. Or, if you are hiring cleaning service people from other company and found that they are not working as stated in the contract, you may file a report for this.

This form contains item as follows :

  • Contract Number
  • Report Number
  • Contractor Name
  • Contracting Officer Name
  • Preparation Date
  • Date Returned by Contractor
  • Completion Date
  • Signature of Contracting Officer
  • Contractor Responses
  • Signature of Contractor
  • Government Evaluation
  • Government Actions
  • Name/title/signature of each involved parties

You can customize this form to suit your needs. It could be several item needed to be put inside to make it your company’s official contract discrepancy report form. If you already know how to use Microsoft Word, you won’t have any troubles on customizing it. It is as easy as adjusting tables, add rows/columns and replacing current titles with new ones.

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