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Dealer Application Form TemplateDealer application form is a form to collect initial information of new dealers/agents who interested to sell and distribute your company’s products. This initial information should be used to evaluate them briefly whether they are met your criteria before going to further process of evaluating them in more detail.

This is a generic form. In this form, you can collect detail information about your detail, for example dealer name, address, location and contact information. Then you can also ask their principal information as well. After that, you can ask them to fill their references, companies where they serve them as agents/dealers. Usually, this is a part where you can evaluate them quickly. If they are already sold your competitor products or similar type of products, you will know that you might give them chance to continue your process.

To know more about their company and sales strength, you can ask them to fill information about their number of sales, current company review and area that they are covered. Moreover, you can ask them to give you a brief description on their strategy to sell your product. How they will market and how to beat their competitor.

If you want to have as many detail information as possible, you can add more tables with more questions in this form. You might do that if you have limited time to process any new dealer applications and want to decide based on their application only. The easiest way to get new dealers without evaluating them too detail is to give them to sell your product by asking them to put some amount of deposits. It will guarantee that they are serious about selling your products. And you can give them evaluation period to sell it and when they are not performing well, then you can terminate the cooperation and return back their money.

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