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Emergency Contact List Template for WordEmergency contact list is a form with important phone number that can be contacted in danger situation. With the raise of mobile phones, it should be easy to put it in its phone book memory and get it called whenever it is needed. But, this contact list will be very important for people you leave at your houses, for example maid or babysitter or even your kids. They may have mobile phones but some numbers might not be saved within their phone book, especially companies or institution that don’t have call center numbers.

Samples of companies that don’t have call center are :

  • Plumbers. They should be called when your house has problem with your pipe or water
  • Nearest hospital. Where will you go if there is an accident within your neighborhood? You might call ambulance from the nearest hospital, right?
  • Private doctors. If your children are running out their medicines, or they need some advises on specific symptom, for example you are in the office and you might suggest your babysitter who call you to contact your children private doctor to ask for quick help.
  • Electrician technicians. Your air conditioners or water heater are not working, where will you ask for help? You might need these electrician phone numbers.
  • Security Guards. If you are leaving in a residence which are guarded by private security guards, you must keep their post phone numbers for help for any danger situation in your house.

Those are samples of important phone numbers that you must put in this emergency contact list. You can expand this list to cover all parties phone numbers that must be put inside this contact list. You can put pizza restaurant number as well 🙂

Remember to put this contact list near your house phone. You can stick it on its wall. You can download the emergency phone contact list number below and edit before print it. You can remove parties image columns if you don’t want to have it, it is important for kids to quickly find their aimed phone number, though.

  Emergency Contact List Template (16.7 KiB, 275 hits)

  Emergency Contact List Template Model 2 (89.0 KiB, 245 hits)

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