Employee Disciplinary Form

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Employee disciplinary form is a Human Resources department form that is usually written and given to employee who violate company’s policy. There are several methods to collect these violations. Some companies releases notice letters and some others uses disciplinary forms, where after three (most common) violations, they will terminate respective employees.

Employee Disciplinary Form Template for Word

If your company decided to use forms instead of notice letters, you can download and modify this Microsoft Word template. As you can see inside it, there are several criteria that have been set as violation. Those are :

Attendance : employee who is not coming to the office without logic reason should be given this disciplinary notice

  • Disturbance : employees who disturb other employees which make them uncomfortable should be put in this violation category
  • Safety : this category should be suitable for company who work on high risk business types
  • Not follow instruction : this category already can be interpreted easily
  • Tardiness : this category can be put into part of attendance category if you think it has similar meaning
  • Insubordination : if respective employee jeopardize your teamwork, you can release a notice form to them
  • Cheating : Sometimes, this category is hard to prove. But, it cannot be tolerated if it happens.
  • Performance : This part is easy to see, especially in sales department.

There are many others categories that can be set as your company’s violation criteria. Just replace those written criteria with yours. And if you want to make it official, put your company logo on top of this form. Remember to train your employees, either current or new, about your company policy before applying this notice form.

  Employee Disciplinary Form Template (17.5 KiB, 390 hits)

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