Fundraising Registration Form

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Fundraising Registration Form TemplateYou could do many things if you want to involve in the society. You could follow the neighborhood meeting on the weekend or attend several events that hold in your neighborhood. You also could join one of those organizations and give your contribution to your society. Sometimes you need to create several special events to promote your organization. And sometimes you need additional fund to allow these special events happened. When you need additional fund for these purposes, you could create a fundraising and collect the donation from your neighbors or from your closest friends. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t have troubles on getting those needed funds.

What about if you want to collect it from bigger communities? You should prepare many things to create this fundraising.In this case, you should prepare it more professional events. It will be include all marketing materials either as gifts or promotion materials, such as brochures, souvenirs, banners etc. And one thing that you shouldn’t forget is a fundraising registration form to collect fundraiser data.

You can download a sample below. In this template you can find fundraisers detail information boxes where they have to fill their names, address, birth date, etc. You could change it to gather other data that you think should be more important for your fundraising event. Information that you should also mention in the form is the fundraising event itself. You should inform them the location and the dates where the event will be held. There are options on how to collect their fundraising event detail information.

You should close this fundraising registration form with your fundraiser signature and don’t forget to put your own words in signature box.

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