Internal Audit Notification

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Internal Audit Notification Form Template for WordInternal Audit Notification is a notification form or letter created by particular department like financial, inventory to notify aimed department about auditing task that will be performed within particular time period. This task is usually performed regularly to make sure that aimed department is following company’s policy when they are doing their task and the company will be aware if something is not going correctly.

Audit can be applied to many parts within a company. Financial department will audit any expenses out from their employees by checking their expenses receipts. For example, they can check gasoline prices with the station where their employees are filling their vehicle to make sure the price is correct. And from finance analysis view, they can decide to ask employees to fill the gasoline on certain stations with lowest gas prices. Operational department can ask for SOP audit, to make sure that their technician are installed electronic equipment correctly to make sure that the equipment will operate well within client’s leasing period. So, if they found some equipment are broken within certain period, they already know what cause it and take some actions to prevent it to happen again in the future.

Most common audit usually applied in logistic department where inventory item must be checked to prevent any item lost, especially if it is involved a large amount of item where if they are not audited regularly, it will take several days to complete the job.

This internal audit notification form is a general form. All important information are already included inside,  like audit time period, parties who will involved and its scope of work. You can modify it to meet your own business or department needs.

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