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Office Supply Request Form TemplateOffice supply request form is a form to record any requests from any employees or departments or external parties for new supply of their stationery or any related materials to support their daily tasks. With this form, General Affairs (GA) staff, or any departments who responsible with this supply, can manage their inventory easily. At least, they can predict the time they need to re-order particular office supplies based on this record.

Managing inventory and budget will involve finding the most economical items if those items are frequently used or finding the better quality items if those items are frequently broken. Moreover, finding the cheapest stores that can supply your company’s supplies can be done effectively. Frequent supplies are papers, pens, paper clips, printer inks, erasers, note books, calendars, markers etc. Nowadays, it is expanded to digital items since World are now shifted to rely on digital tools instead of just pens and papers. You may find that specific needs like laptop mouses and screen cleaners are increasing. And you must manage those computer related inventories as part of your office supply inventory.

If you are GA staff you may want to customize this form to fit your company’s style. If you are an employee who needs to request new office supplies, you can download this one and give it to respective department if they haven’t had any official form. As informed before, having any supply requests recorded will help you and your company organizing this financially.

Feel free to customize it since these two forms are fully editable. Replace the titles with respective department or third parties. The differences are only on their paper orientation.

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