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Purchase Requisition Form TemplateA purchase requisition form is a form that is used to manage purchases and costs before a purchase order form is issued. A large company consisting of many departments usually issues this form so that its purchasing department can assess all necessary supplies to be purchased and any possible sources to obtain those supplies. After the assessment is completed, a purchase order form will be issued so that the necessary supplies can be purchased from selected suppliers. A purchase requisition form can be printed before being submitted by a requisitioner to a purchasing department or sent as a digital document.

A purchase requisition form consists mostly of tables; therefore, it can actually be created easily using common Microsoft programs, such as Microsoft Word as you can download below. The creation of a purchase requisition form, however, is easier if a template is used. This purchase requisition form template is ready to be used by anyone who needs the form to requisite the purchase of necessary supplies.

Do I Need This Template?
You will need this template if you are among the following people.
1. Leaders of certain departments in a company who need supplies for their department to be purchased
2. Employees working in a non-profit organization who require the purchase of certain supplies for the organization
3. Librarian requesting the purchase of books

What Does the Template Contain?
The template consists of the following fillable fields.
1. Requisitioner information (including requisition date, name, department, phone, delivery location, etc.)
2. Recommended vendor information
3. List of supplies to be purchased

Why Is This Template Necessary?
The template is necessary because it is used to create one of the most important forms in a company or organization. All purchases required by members or an establishment need to be assessed before they are executed. The establishment leader or an appointed purchasing department can assess those purchases only after receiving purchase requisition forms from all requisitioners. The form is also important for the requisitioners because it allows them not only to specify all items that need to be purchased, but also vendors whom they recommend. A librarian, for example, often knows where to buy certain rare books. He/she can recommend the manager to buy those books from the vendor he/she is knowledgeable of. The manager can then assess his/her recommendation as well as items that he/she requests. This entire interaction is done using a purchase requisition form.

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