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Service Request Form TemplateService request form is a form used by both service providers and service users to document the provision of a particular service and to organize it. This form is used not only in for-profit enterprises, but also in any organizations that don’t aim at generating profit. As long as there is a transaction involving the provision of particular services by a service provider to a client, customer or service user, this form can always be used.

Service request form template is a Microsoft Word template that is used to simplify the creation of a service request form. A service request form usually consists of tables and check boxes. Frequent users of Microsoft Word and other word-processing programs are mostly able to create those tables and check boxes; however, with this template, the creation of those tables and check boxes as well as other elements of the form can be done very quickly, easily and conveniently. But, do not expect a complex one because the form you download below is just a simple form to give you ideas on how to create your own.

You will likely need this template if you are among the following service providers.
1. Individuals or company owners who commercialize their services
Consultants, internet service providers, and other enterprises selling services with many features can use the form to help clients specify the types and features of the service the latter request.
2. Organizations serving their members
Universities, libraries and dormitories may provide students who use their service with a service request form whenever the latter need to request certain services or items.
3. Government institutions and other non-profit services
Government institutions providing services to public may use the form to allow their clients to specify the requested services.

The template contains the following elements of a service request form.
1. A header providing information about the service provider’s identity as well as your client’s identity, it could be your department information if the transaction is within your own company or your company information itself if you are providing services to your clients
2. Item description that require to be serviced.

Service providers often have to serve a lot of clients at almost the same time. Because the time necessary for direct face-to-face encounter with service users will be limited, a service request form that users fill beforehand will ensure the efficiency of that encounter. A service request form is also necessary if no such encounter is performed. Using a written request, service providers can provide the requested service without problem. A service request form is also needed for organizing all requests made by clients as well as for billing purpose.

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