Stock Taking Form

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Stock Taking Form Template for WordIn business, stock take is defined as a process of counting and recording the amount and value of stock held by a business entity. It is used to evaluate any business efficiency which could lead to increase its business profit margin. This stock taking form template is a sample of a document to record and evaluate any company’s stocks.

This process is taken with several considerations as follows :

  • To indicate how much of your company’s cash is tied up in stock and allow you to plan sales or marketing action to cash them quickly
  • To help you ordering new and replacement stock more accurately
  • To empty unused or damaged stocks to create more room for new item
  • To give you accurate data to calculate your company’s financial situation

How to Use this Stock Taking Form Template

Since it is a simple template, you just need to download, edit and start to use it. Depends on your storage or warehouse size, this job could consume most of your time during certain period, because you need to be precisely identify and count it. And usually this activity will be done together by financial and logistic people to make it more objective. That’s why that doing it regularly is recommended. Imagine that if you have to inspect restaurant stock lines like dry goods, chilled goods, frozen goods, beverages, cleaning materials, packaging every month. It will give you headache, right? Doing this daily is better, and that’s why you see their employees are doing paper work after their restaurant or stores are closed. If you are working in a big companies, they already have SOP on doing this. You just follow its instruction.

Anyway, you can start to download stock taking form template below. It is a good reference if you want to start the process in your small companies/restaurants/stores.

  Stock-Taking Form (14.8 KiB, 506 hits)

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